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eProximityMarket is a US-based, veteran-owned  business offering proximity marketing solutions to clients interested in bridging the physical world with the virtual one. Our services help businesses engage their customers, increase customer retention, and utilize analytics to create targeted and efficient marketing campaigns. 

With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, you can create proximity campaigns in minutes and deliver them to your customers whether using an app, or even without it. With an ever increasing number of people spending more time on their mobile devices, you can now reach customers on the go. 

Proximity marketing is a cost effective, powerful, and flexible means of reaching your customers. Consider that nearly 90% or retail shoppers use smartphones in stores, and digital interactions influence 56 cents of every dollar being spent in brick and mortar stores. BLE beacons can make conferences more interactive and personalized and proximity-aware event apps are 235% more engaging than standard event apps, according to MOCA. It is estimated that by 2019, 84% of airports, 93% of MLB stadiums, and 75% of NFL stadiums will be using beacons to reach their customers.

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