Frequently Asked Questions

What are BLE Beacons?

 BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy making use of Bluetooth, a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances. Bluetooth low energy (BLE) is a power-friendly version of Bluetooth wireless technology perfect for devices needing to run off a small battery for long periods. BLE allows Bluetooth devices to broadcast or receive tiny and static pieces of data within short distances. In simplistic words, it consists of two parts: a broadcaster (beacon device) and a receiver (smartphone + app). Smartphone apps detect the BLE signal from a beacon and calculate the approximate distance to the beacon and act on the specific location – like presenting content to the smartphone user.  At the hardware level, beacons are BLE devices which broadcast data. At software level, beacons are messages sent by broadcasting devices, that are then detected and processed by receiver devices, like a mobile apps. 

The best analogy for a beacon is a lighthouse: it continuously transmits a signal, which other devices can see. 

What information do beacons send?

From a business perspective, beacons can send content to potential customer devices on which they can act. There are a number of applications using beacons which display content or perform a specific action. Some potential use cases can be:


  • shopping apps displaying promotions specific to what is in front of the customer as is the case for retail stores
  • point of sale payment applications or shopper loyalty programs 
  • guided indoor tours for museums, exhibits relaying information
  • sporting venues and concerts, etc

What devices support BLE?

Both Apple and Android platforms support BLE.  

Why is it important to my Business?

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? BLE beacons can help you gain a competitive edge providing by providing value added benefits and measurable profitability. Proximity beacons allow a business to broadcast a marketing message to any Bluetooth enabled smartphone within its broadcasting range turning those beacons into mobile billboards.

What businesses can benefit by deploying beacons?

Retail Stores and Supermarkets: Can  engage shoppers inside the store using beacons and proximity marketing. Drive footfalls, send out promotions, and talk to customers through notifications.

Real Estate Developments:  Go beyond sale signs and billboards with Bluetooth beacon marketing. Instantly connect with buyers and generate leads through beacon notifications on their smartphones. 

Bars and Restaurants: Use Bluetooth beacons to drive footfalls and deliver a delightful experience to customers who walk in. Track hourly footfalls to adjust happy hours and promotions. 

Car Dealerships:  Enhance the in-store car buying experience and engage with prospects as they walk around your showroom. Use beacons to showcase videos, car specs, and highlights through notifications. 

Amusement Parks:  Deliver fun, interactive and unique experiences to visitors using beacons and proximity marketing. Collect contextual intelligence, such as busiest hours and favorite rides to optimize services and resources. 

Where can I learn more?

You have questions, we have answers. Get in touch with us and we would love to tell you more how proximity solutions can extend your marketing efforts and how these low cost, high value products can lead to increased profits. 

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