Simple and Straightforward Pricing

Pricing starting at $199.99*

 eProximityMarket Content Management Software provide both BLE Beacon and WiFi campaigns with our proprietary NearMe!® Mobile Application. We ensure maximum ROI with your analytics. 

We put heavy emphasis on developing customer-oriented resources. Our solutions include:

· Indoor Location 

· Nearby Map 

· Loyalty Campaigns 

· Push Notification Campaigns 

· WiFi Campaigns 

· Geofence Campaigns 

· Prime Campaigns 

· Social Sharing & Context Based Sharing 

· Collect Customer Data 

· Customer Analytics 

· Campaign Templates 

· Schedule Campaigns &Target Users 

· Manage Beacons, WiFi and Geofence 

· Retargeting 

· Digital Signage 

· Eddystone & Physical Web 

Please contact us to discuss your business needs. We can provide a detailed strategy and custom pricing to meet your organizations proximity marketing goals. 

Technology driven solutions. 

Contact us to receive a quote for your business.

*Includes One-Time First Month Set-up Fee; billed monthly